Anth, a Beautiful Soul

Anthony Mazzone was a beautiful soul, who left this earth on 8 May 2017 after a 5 month battle with brain cancer. This blog is dedicated to his memory with photos, videos and words.

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How a charity saved my life

Grief can be very selfish. It wraps you in a black blanket so you cannot see outside of yourself. You see nothing but the emptiness of your own pain....... I didn’t know it at the time, but when Ross and Amanda walked through my door 18 months ago, they were pre-delivering me the analgesic I would need to dull this pain.

Cambodian Pilgrimage: How a charity bike ride fundraiser helped lay my love to rest

Cambodian Pilgrimage: How a charity bike ride fundraiser helped lay my love to rest — Read on

A call to arms

It is now 5 months since my beautiful man Anthony passed away from brain cancer surviving only 5 months after diagnosis. It's hard to believe that only 10 months ago my life was "normal" before being turned upside down by the consequences of his diagnosis. It does not surprise me to read disappointing news articles such... Continue Reading →

Anth’s inspiration

Anth loved inspiration. He had inspirational quotes on post-it notes all over his office. He subscribed to emails delivering daily motivational messages and meditations directly to his desktop. In clearing through his things, I have found many scribbled pages where he has noted down extracts from books on life’s purpose and learnings from psychology, eastern... Continue Reading →

On turning 50

I turned 50 recently. A bittersweet anniversary Anth so wanted to share. I wrote a piece on love and loss and being happy to have made it this far. I was thrilled that the website Mamamia accepted it for publication. You can read it here:    

A soulmate’s kiss goodbye

I knew that in Anthony I had found my soulmate, but I didn’t quite understand just how special a person he was until he became ill in December last year. In the face of this terrible illness, he showed such bravery, determination, an inspirational never-say-die attitude and kept a keen sense of humour to the... Continue Reading →

Anth; the boy from Klemzig

Anthony Nicholas Mazzone was born on 23 Feb 1966 at Queen Victoria Hospital, Adelaide. He was the second Anthony to be born to Eleanora and Peter, the first and earlier Anthony Charles, having lived only six weeks. Eleanora was a new Australian, immigrating from Beltiglio, Province di Benevento. Peter, however was first generation Australian, his... Continue Reading →

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